Shark Recyclers was established to utilise organic waste for commercial compost production.

Next-Gen Compost was established as a result of Red Valley Farms passion for producing quality produce. Not only have we been able to see the benefits from using compost on our own farms but we now produce it on a commercial scale, supplying other farmers in the North Queensland region.

From an environmental and sustainability perspective, the move from chemical fertilisers to compost for farming is essential. Red Valley Farms believes strongly in preserving and improving the health of our soils and we are convinced of quality improvements in our products as a result. Our compost is made from commercial green waste, manures and minerals. The compost not only replenishes the soil of vital nutrients, it also increases organic matter, worm and microbial activity and improves water retention in the soil.

It is through the combination of the ingredients, temperature control and turning the mixture that good quality compost is made. Using a Scarab composter, we are able to turn over 1,000 tonne of material per hour and produce A grade compost within 18-20 weeks. When it is ready for application or sale, the end product is processed through a screening machine to remove unwanted material and produce a fine grade compost.

As a result, we are able to produce a locally made resource, from local materials, that is suitable for use as a soil conditioner for large-scale farming or the humble home gardener.

For quotes and more information about our compost please contact:
Site Manager: 0438 752 515
Phone: (07) 4060 2162

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