We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the quality of products - by minimising waste, increasing shelf life or maximising flavour. Take a look at some of our unique processes below...

Cable System

The cable system has been used by banana growers in South America for generations but Red Valley were the first to introduce this system to Australia. The cables are designed to transport harvested banana bunches from the farm to the shed with minimal handling.

Normally bunches are cut down, loaded onto a trailer, stacked side-by-side and delivered to the shed. During this time bananas can be damaged and marked, resulting in wastage or a down-grade in quality. However, the cable system allows for each bunch to travel on its own hook from the farm to the packing shed where they are de-handed on the cable and placed straight onto the packing line. As a result we have been able to drastically reduce our wastage.

Packing Shed

Like our cable system, our packing shed is quite unique to Australia and limits the amount of handling required to get the bananas from bunch into box. We have one packing shed on each farm to ensure that travel time between farm and processing facility is limited. Our Red Valley packing shed has a fruit patio which stores up to 600 hanging bunches—enough fruit to keep the packing shed running for a whole day.

When the bananas enter the shed they are de-handed, graded and placed in a refrigerated water tank that transports the bananas from one end of the shed to the other. This unique facility allows the bananas to be pre-cooled reducing the sap flow and energy used to cool the fruit. Once the bananas are weighed and packed, they are still cool from their 'water bath' and therefore don't overheat in their boxes.


Our compost plays an important role in reducing the amount of chemical fertilisers we put on our plants and therefore improves the nutrients in our soil. It not only keeps our plants healthy but we also think it makes our bananas even tastier! Find out more about our Next-Gen Compost here.

Its these unique processes, both on the farm and in the shed, that enable us to produce higher yielding and better quality banana crops for our customers.

Where is Lakeland?

Where is Lakeland?

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Red Valley Farms Gallery

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