At Red Valley Farms, our difference is not only defined by our people and our location but also innovation. Through growing high quality products, reducing waste and employing sustainable practices we hope to ensure a legacy for our future generations.

Located 3 hours north of Cairns, Red Valley Farms is a family run buiness employing approximately 100 people of various nationalities. The rich volcanic soils supported by the sunny, mild and frost free weather in the Lakeland region produce some of the best tasting bananas in Australia. The drier climate reduces the insect and disease pressures which allows us to minimize the use of pesticides. Our bananas are fertilized predominately with our own compost.

Whilst our location creates the perfect environment for us to grow our products, it is our constant experimentation with new farming practices that enable us to utilise our resources to their full potential. We are constantly evolving our farming operations to include innovative ways to improve our core business and benefit the environment around us. This includes processing all the organic waste from our farm to produce a high quality compost.

Red Valley Farms Gallery

Red Valley Farms Gallery

Take a look around Red Valley Farms - our farms, our packing sheds and some of our amazing team members!

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Work for us!

We produce bananas all year round and are always looking for enthusiastic workers to join our team!

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